Partners & People – UAB “Baltic Solar Solutions” (Soli Tek)

 JSC “Soli Tek R&D” (Soli Tek)

Soli Tek R&D is a manufacturing company established in 2009 to set up production lines for fabrication of multicrystalline solar cells and glass-to-glass modules. It is one of the three existing solar cell manufacturers in Europe alongside of SolarWorld and Q-Cells. The manufacturing plant is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The annual capacity of PV cells and modules is 70W. The plant is built according to a novel design with an installed innovative geothermal system which saves up to 40% of energy needed for the production. The company received a 2014 InterSolar award. Soli Tek R&D closely cooperates with leading PV manufacturers (Singulus Technologies being a strategic partner) and research institutes in developing new products (PERC cell, glass-to-glass applications).

Main product

Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cell 6’’, cell efficiencies up to  18.0 %, TUV Rheinland certified, PID free, calibrated in Fraunhofer ISE PV cells CalLab, HOT-spot protected, traceable quality, cells sorted by colour, positive sorting +0,2/-0%.

CV of persons who will primarily be involved in the project

Kristina Meškereviečienė, Deputy R&D Director, Head of Solar Cell Production Department, previously worked at the Institute of Semiconductor Electronics RWTH at Aachen University (Germany). She holds a Master‘s degree in Power Engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Kristina has been coordinating the collaboration with research partners. Responsible for project management, process development and optimization for PECVD and emitter formation.

Julius Denafas, R&D Director, Head of Technological Process, is involved in industrial production and research of high efficiency c-Si solar cells. Previous experiences include Design For Manufacturability for micro mechanical components. Julius holds a Masters degree in Materials and Manufacturing from Technical University of Denmark. He was a visiting research at Teknologisk Institut (Denmark) and held an internship at Fraunhofer ISE (Germany) where he studied characterization and development of high efficiency c-Si solar cells. Mainly responsible for production management, metallization process development and optimization, development of PERC cell technology.

Dr Lina Petrėnienė, Deputy R&D Director and Head of Chemical Technology Process. She is Doctor of Physical Science, Chemistry. Prepared her doctoral thesis in MOCVD laboratory, Vilnius University (Lithuania). Previous experience include synthesis of various thin oxide films by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition and aerosol pyrolysis for electro- and photo catalysis. She is involved in industrial production and research of high efficiency c-Si solar cells. Mainly responsible of wet chemical processes and waste water treatment.