Partners & People – NORSUN AS (NORSUN)


NorSun produces single crystal silicon wafers from high purity grade silicon raw material. The wafers are used in the production of high efficiency solar cells.
NorSun’s wafers are customized according to the individual customer’s specifications. NorSun works closely with the customers in order to identify the wafer specification that minimizes the cell cost on a Wp level, and thus contributes to optimization across the value chain to reduce production cost per Wp.
The efforts of solar cell manufacturers to increase conversion efficiency leads to a continuous tightening of wafer specifications. NorSun is one of only a handful wafer suppliers meeting the stringent specifications of the high efficiency cell producers.

Premium polysilicon from reputed suppliers combined with proven crystal growing technology from the semiconductor industry

Using only premium polysilicon from reputed suppliers in combination with semiconductor-based crystal growing technology, NorSun wafers benefit from low levels of co-doping, carbon, metals and crystalline defects. This results in high minority carrier lifetime.

Very accurate ingot shaping equipment with low kerf loss
Using very accurate ingot shaping equipment for square sawing and grinding, NorSun wafers benefit from:

  • Tight tolerances on wafer side length, diameter and corner length
  • Polished ingot surface with low roughness promoting low wafer breakage
  • Low kerf loss due to thin band saw blades, promoting low silicon consumption per Wp

State-of-the-art wafer slicing and cleaning equipment with low levels of surface metals and 100% automatic wafer inspection
Using state-of-the-art wafer slicing equipment and NorSun’s newly developed fixed abrasive sawing technology, NorSun wafers benefit from low average wafer total thickness variation (TTV), surface roughness, and subsurface damage, as well as low levels of chipping and microcracks. In addition, the state-of-the-art automatic wafer singulation and inline cleaning solution gives consistent wafer cleanliness and low surface metal content. NorSun also has 100% inline automatic wafer inspection.

Organization accustomed to handling customer-specific specifications undergoing rapid development
NorSun’s customers produce high efficiency cells. These customers are characterized by having very different and very tight specifications that undergo continuous rapid development. Our team of engineers and operators are used to handling this variety and aim at working together with the customers to give advice and optimize production costs across the value chain for mutual benefits.

Process innovations delivering cost reduction as well as quality improvements
NorSun aims at cost reduction through process innovations. Innovations also benefit the customers through improved products.

CV of persons who will primarily be involved in the project

Dr Øyvind Nielsen, present Vice President for Research and Development in NorSun since 2007. From 2004-2007 he has been Research Manager of the Research Team Casting at SINTEF. He has world-class competence on casting and solidification fundamentals, around 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences. He has expert industrial knowledge on Czochralsi crystal pulling of monocrystalline silicon ingots and silicon wire sawing, has extensive experience and formal training in mangement of applied R&D projects / teams on an international level, and has proven competence on initiation of collaborative R&D projects on national and international level, including securing of public funding from EU and the Research Council of Norway and the handling of Intellectual Property Rights.