Partners & People – GARBO SRL (GARBO)

Garbo Srl is a SME located in Cerano, Italy. The core activity is recycling of the reusable silicon carbide grits and polyol suspending agents from exhausted slicing slurries used in Silicon wafering operations in solar and semiconductor industries. Garbo’s staff consists of 40 employees with an annual turnover of approximately 8 Mio EURO.
The company was founded in 1998 under the name Garbo Servizi Srl. It pioneered the recycling technology of abrasive cutting slurry at a major Silicon wafer manufacturer Italy. In 2000, a joint-venture between Garbo Servizi, AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH, Germany, lead to the foundation of SiC Processing GmbH. Along with the booming of the photovoltaic sector, the slurry recycling technology of SiC Processing GmbH rapidly gained market share and recycling plants were built up in several locations worldwide.
The joint venture was terminated in 2006 and Garbo Srl was established. Besides continuing the traditional silicon carbide based slurry recycling business, Garbo started to offer recycling services for other valuable materials like Silicon fines. Solar grade purity was reached from scrap powder originating from poly-Silicon production and from other mechanical operations on Silicon ingots. This activity paved the way for the development of an innovative technology for reclaiming of Silicon kerfloss out of the diamond wire sawing technology.
Additionally, Garbo has developed and commercialised a specific coolant and a coolant recycling process for diamond wire wafering already adopted on the industrial scale.

CV of persons who will primarily be involved in the project

Ilaria Lombardi, PhD in Materials Engineering, head of RTD department
She graduated in 2002 in chemical engineering from Polytechnic of Milan in the field of solid oxide fuel cell systems. She obtained her PhD in materials engineering from Polytechnic of Milan on the synthesis of nano-structured metallic and semiconductor materials for energy storage applications. Half of her PhD research work was carried out at the University of California, Berkeley. She worked as post-doctoral fellow at the University of Milan-Bicocca, doing research on the use of Silicon for solar applications. In 2007 she joined Garbo, where she is the responsible for the R&D activities and the project leader of Silicon kerf loss recycling . Main results of her activities are regularly presented at photovoltaic conferences.

Gianluigi Noja has a background in Physics (master degree) and a long professional experience in the semiconductor sector where he held several technical and managerial positions in top tier companies. He started his career as process engineer at ST Microelectronics (electronic devices) and then became production manager at Siltronix (silicon crystal & polished wafers). Successively, he joined MEMC Electronic Materials (Silicon Crystals, polished & epitaxial wafers) where he spent more than 20 years covering positions as Director of Technology and Director of Quality. Since some years he is senior consultant at GARBO and he is engaged in Intellectual  Property Management,  R&D and business development activities.