Partners & People – Apollon Solar (Apollon)

Apollon Solar (Apollon)
Apollon Solar s.a.s (AS) is a private R&D company with the legal status of a simplified joint stock company based in Lyon, France. It is part of the French private YRIEL group that has industrial activities in the chemical and energy sector. YRIEL is the majority shareholder of AS.
AS was launched in July 2001 by a team with specialist experience of the photovoltaic industry. AS offers scientific, technical, technological and marketing solutions to substantially reduce the cost of photovoltaic solar energy for end-users. In order to take ground-breaking materials and processes through to market launch, AS establishes partnerships with industry and leading laboratories, not always directly involved in PV. AS has a proven, successful track record in collaborative R&D projects related to PV.
AS participates in this project proposal with its proprietary, disruptive NICE (New Industrial Cell Encapsulation) technology for high efficient, high reliable PV modules. NICE has been invented by AS and further developed to an industrial level by a consortium led by AS, comprising major R&D institutes and an industrial manufacturer of automated production lines. One particular element of the NICE technology – the recyclability by decomposing the module at the end of its lifetime – will be addressed by this project proposal.

CV of persons who will primarily be involved in the project

Roland Einhaus, co-founder of Apollon Solar and R&D director of the company.
Roland finished his engineering thesis in 1996, at the University of Applied Science in Cologne, Germany in collaboration with UNSW, Sydney, Australia on the characterization of bifacial solar cells. After which, he started to work for IMEC in Belgium as R&D engineer at the Industrial Solar Cells Group. He worked on the development of acidic/isotropic texturing process for multi-crystalline Solar cells, selective emitter processes and passivation processes for low quality Silicon substrates. In 1999, he started at Photowatt, France, as R&D Engineer, to improve the quality of multi-c wafers during crystallisation and wafer cutting. He was also involved in the coordination of the EC-funded project (ARTIST) on the purification of Silicon. Since 2002 he is working at Apollon, where he coordinates the company’s R&D activities, and technology transfers. He is the co-inventor of the NICE module-, doping engineering- and Si crystallization technologies. His expertise comes from the coordination of R&D activities on NICE modules, the purification of UMG Silicon, in particular crystallisation, wafer cutting and evaluation of the material; and the coordination of a EU project on recycling of Silicon kerf from wire sawing (RE-Si-CLE).