Nanotechnology & advanced materials workshop, 23 June, Malta

23 June 2017, Valletta, Malta
NAMEC Workshop: Nanotechnology & advanced materials for the Energy Union – Going circular

Advanced materials are key to tackle climate change, Energy Union and re-industrialization in Europe.
On the other hand, a large-scale transition towards circular economy is urgently needed in order to
avoid the depletion of raw material resources and reduce the impact of human activity on the
environment. This workshop aims at providing some insights from both industry stakeholders and
research organizations on how Europe is addressing the challenge of circular economy from the
perspective of clean energy materials.

The workshop is organized by NAMEC (Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials for Energy Cluster), the
overarching cluster aiming at regrouping all European projects focused on nanotechnologies and
advanced materials for low carbon energy, energy storage and energy efficiency technologies (more
information can be found at NAMEC was set up in 2016 by the EC as a unique
initiative to identify common R&I priorities for bridging the gap between advanced materials and
nanotechnology-based innovation and the successful commercialisation of innovative products and
industrial technologies for energy. It looks at common challenges across the different existing clusters
and projects, including cross-cutting topics (materials engineering and upscaling, characterisation,
modelling, standardisation, safety and pilot lines) and highlights transferable lessons between clusters
and projects. NAMEC builds on the experience of the EU PV Cluster (, which runs
with success since 2010 to highlight the key enabling role of nanotechnology for photovoltaics and to
help, in a bottom-up approach, the nanotechnology and PV communities in Europe to consolidate joint
collaborations for strategic industrial partnerships.

More information, programme, speakers and contacts are available in this PDF file