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Steuler Solar Technology AS (Steuler)
Steuler Solar Technology AS is situated in Porsgrunn, Norway and is a daughter company of Steuler Solar GmbH. The companies is a member of the Steuler-Group in Germany with approx. 2000 employees and turnover 400 mill EUR.
During last 5 years, Steuler Solar GmbH have developed and patented a new generation crystallization crucibles based on advanced, non-oxide reaction bonded silicon nitride.
To further develop the project, Steuler Solar Technology AS was established with the purpose to start a pilot production for the crucibles. During the pilot project, new production technology have been introduced in both casting and firing process by developing a new nitration reactor of proprietary art.
The Steuler Solar Crucibles are introducing a number of substantial improvements for both PV and semiconductor wafer production. Most important is the ability to produce oxygen and carbon “free” ingots, improved crystallization control by high crucible heat conductivity and re-usable properties for both DS multi and CZ processes.

CV of persons who will primarily be involved in the project

Rune Roligheten is CEO and CTO of Steuler Solar Technology AS and have been involved in development of advanced ceramics during last 15 years. He established the company Nordic Ceramics AS in 2003, a company who was involved in development of new crucible technology together with REC Wafer, Norway.
He has a background of mechanical engineering from a Norwegian Military Academy and have been working in ceramic industry since 1986.

Relevant previous projects or activities

  • Sole inventor of Steuler Solar GmbH crucible patent, 11 807 894.8
  • Co-inventor of REC crucible patent WO 2007/148986

Available infrastructure required for carrying out the project
Steuler Solar Technology AS have available 1.000 m2 of production facilities for crucible raw material mixing, crucible casting and furnaces for nitration firing of reaction bonded silicon nitride.