FaiERA and ECOsolar combining efforts

Date and Venue: April 4th – April 6th 2016 at ISC-Konstanz, Germany

The Eco-Solar work package 3 technical meeting (M6) on solar cell processing, between ISC Konstanz, AIMEN and SoliTek is combined with a three days hands-on workshop on solar module fabrication and characterization related topics. The workshop is organized within the FaiERA project (for details see below) and will take place at ISC Konstanz.

On the first day of this workshop, a status overview of crystalline silicon solar cell technology, standard and advanced solar modules structures, fabrication and characterization will be given. This is followed by the part of the technical meeting about laser processing and repair of scrapped solar cells. The second and third day will go into more detail, particularly in the field of Electroluminescence – Photoluminescence. Theory and practice will be addressed, with lab demonstrations and technical discussions.

Major part of the workshop is devoted to hands-on experience sessions. Therefore the participants will get ample exposure on the topics covered in the workshop.

FaiERA is a European Project promoted by AIMEN Technology Centre. Its main objective is to reinforce the capabilities and research potential in the field of laser surface microprocessing of materials. One of the central development areas in the project is “Laser induced surface structures for high efficiency semiconductor devices”, where laser microprocessing for high efficiency PV with minimal waste generation is of key importance. ISC takes part in FaiERA as Centre of Excellence in the field of PV materials and structures.

FairERA project website for more information

FairERA has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 316161.